With Piriye’s release of “We Was Good” he showcases a sonically pleasing effort with diversity in both subject matter and styles on this release.  With a unique blend of Alternative R&B he’s on another level with “WWG”.  Featuring the smash hit “Machete” he’s back and better than ever.  Check out the the project! >>>>

Check out “We Was Good” and “Milestones” Below!

Download Here

Who Is Piriye?


I’m just a humble dude trying to do this music thing.  I’ve been pursuing it professionally for the last few years now.  Some of my musical influences are Pharrell Williams, Usher, Dre Hill, New Edition, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco to name a few.  I produce, write and sing most of own material.  So whatever you hear… know that most of that is all me, my vision.


What Are Your Trying to Achieve?

What are we all trying to achieve? Success.  I worked hard as a young dude growing up in Brooklyn NY.  Nothing in life was handed to me.  I pride myself on that.  I don’t expect musical success to be handed to me either.  I work like most of you out there, but I try not to make excuses.. I make time for my passion.  Thats why I’m going to make this music thing work!


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